Emil Jørgensen, Buyer [Valencia], Fruit & Vegetables

Why do you enjoy working for Coop Trading?

Coop Trading gives me a chance to work here in Spain. Living and working abroad, learning a new language, and getting to know a new culture are very interesting. Life in Spain is very different from Scandinavia, and this makes it doubly interesting. Working with Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and Moroccan suppliers, and at the same time liaising closely with the national buyers, makes every day an exciting challenge. Together we strive to fulfil the needs and demands of Nordic consumers. I also interact closely with the logistics department in Denmark, Norway and Finland, which gives me an opportunity to see that side of the business.


Travelling and visiting suppliers in the various countries is also a fascinating experience. I get to see how growing and packing are done and to talk to the suppliers face to face about the previous season and plans for the next one. The fruit and vegetable sector is very fast moving and unpredictable. Everything is very dependent on the weather, both on the supply (origin) side and the demand (destination) side. The challenge is therefore to have the right volumes and prices, as well as excellent quality, at all times.


On a general level it is always gratifying to find new suppliers and new products and to develop new packaging for existing products. 

What importance do the brands have?

They help create a positive image of Coop.

What importance do the brands have?

Fruit and vegetables that carry the Coop or Änglamark brand are always top quality products from the best suppliers. Our private brands therefore represent products that must provide strong consumer satisfaction. On other premium fruits and vegetables, brands are becoming increasingly important. It is imperative that consumers recognize the brands and enjoy the product, and then return to our stores to do their shopping