Kristina Feldt, CSR Consultant – Quality Assurance, Quality Control

Why do you enjoy working for Coop Trading?

Working with corporate responsibility for Coop Trading is a great opportunity to not only secure ethical compliance in the products sold to millions of Scandinavian consumers, but also to ensure that Coop Trading contributes to a positive development in the global value chains we operate within.

What importance do the brands have?

Especially Änglamark plays an important role in my work. Änglamark is positioned as a frontrunner within sustainability and responsibility, which helps Coop Trading to build experience with responsible sourcing. While Änglamark paves the way as a responsible pioneer, the entire assortment gradually becomes increasingly responsible.

How do you see your future?

I am excited for my future with Coop Trading as I will drive the process of expanding ethical compliance deeper into the value chain by means of a new code of conduct. Moreover, I am curious to see how several new CSR initiatives will benefit the harmonization of Coop Trading's sourcing activities as well as benefit our partners' positioning as responsible retailers.