Simon Gastel, Project Manager Business Development

Why do you enjoy working for Coop Trading?

The working environment in Coop Trading is very pleasant. Working with very skilled and helpful colleagues, providing feedback and challenge my ways of thinking and working, ensure my continuously personal and professional development. It is privileged, to work in a company that holds a great respect to individual competencies, ensuring a great work life balance and understands the importance of building great relationships with stakeholders.

What importance do the brands have?

Working within Business Development, brands are always top of mind of everything I do, by influencing the brands movement across our organization as smooth as possible, providing the customers with the best opportunities and solutions.

How do you see your future?

Reflecting on my future opportunities, I am very positive. Being able to increase and influence value to customers, colleagues and the business as a whole, is a personal driver to me. Coop Trading highly welcomes innovation and contains a rapidly executing state of mind, which increase the organizations efficiency continuously.