A good working day is about cooperation and well-being

We want to be among the best employers in Denmark. We have over the past years obtained good rankings in the Best Workplaces in Denmark competition and have actually improved our ranking over the years. We wish to continuously increase our attractiveness as employer and focus on creating the best working conditions and an organizational culture featuring cooperation and respect. Our management philosophy and our company culture are based on our fundamental values, the six TradingMarks, defined by our employees: I Care, I Involve, I take Ownership, I Challenge, I Respect and I take the Lead.

The importance of a good working environment

We attach importance to the working environment in general and to the safety, health and well-being of the individual employee in particular. Management and employees at all levels have a collective responsibility to ensure a good working environment.

Openness, trust, helpfulness and consistency are key factors in everyday working at Coop Trading. We make room for constructive exchange of opinions, inspiration and motivation. At the end of the day it is happy and satisfied employees who create good products and maintain the good reputation of which we can be proud.

Coop Trading number 7 among the Best Workplaces in Denmark 2018

Coop Trading is proud to announce our rank as number 7 in the category of organizations with 50-499 employees.

Great Place To Work 2016